What to expect

At Adventure 365 we emphasise experience over exercise and is why we have spared no expense to deliver an unforgettable retreat filled with opportunity to discover the best of what  Queenstown has to offer. Across the 8 days we will be situated in two beautiful holiday homes that give breathtaking views of the southern alps and lake. Guests will have access to open fire places, outdoor hot tubs, the cinema room and all the amenities that each house offers. The accommodation is predominantly where we eat our delicious homemade meals, relax, enjoy each other’s company, host our workshops and sleep.

Fitness level

Adventure 365 is not an exercise or fitness retreat though it does include two substantial hikes, that require a moderate level of fitness. 

These two hikes will be challenging for most individuals but to what degree will be determined by one’s preparation and experience.  To best be prepared we recommend those who book, follow our tailored ten week program ( 2 sessions per week ). Which will assist developing the required strength and stamina to complete and enjoy the experience.   

Outside of these two activities we will provide guests the opportunity to scale the intensity of our retreats. With the optional morning hike before breakfast. These will be split into a walking group and a running group. This is to ensure we see as much of beautiful Queenstown as possible and start the day on a high.

However we didn’t choose New Zealand to stay inside all day! The itinerary gives guests the opportunity to explore Queenstown, as we summit mountain tops at sunrise, jet boat through the valleys, overlook the canyon in the onsen hot pools, abseil down waterfalls whilst canyoning, enjoy local produce in neighbouring wine regions and so much more…

Outside of our larger items we also wanted to invest further in our guests through several other activities across the week. Including cold water therapy, yoga, meditation, breathing, mobility and mindfulness workshops.

To take advantage of our incredible location we will host optional 60 minute hiking and running groups most mornings before breakfast. We encourage our guests to partake in as much as possible to gain the full experience, however we also understand that we are all attending for various reasons and with various capacities.

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