What Clients Frequently Ask

Being an overseas adventure retreat, we understand that there are a lot of unknowns and want to make sure everyone stays well informed.

You will be provided a training program and a detailed list with your confirmation of booking!

Currently Adventure 365 operates during the warmer climates only, still best to prepare for all conditions!

All payments are refundable due to any COVID disruptions.

Absolutely! The retreat is designed to accommodate couples, friends and solo travellers. In my experience in running international retreats, those who come alone always have a good time!

Yes, our rooms cater to couples, friends and new acquaintances. With the option to share a bed or split them into two. If you are travelling alone, we have a strict “same sex policy” and will split the bed into two. 

If you are travelling alone, you’ll only be placed with the same sex. However if you’re travelling with someone who isnt your partner and of the opposite sex, please contact us. Within the right context, with both parties approving, we can circumnavigate this policy. 

4 of the 10 rooms have their own ensuites. The remaining 6 rooms will split 3 spacious bathrooms. So you’ll be sharing, at most, with your roommate and two others. 
Due to guests travelling from across the globe we don’t include flights. 
We will have transport available from Queenstown airport and city centre in the early afternoon on the first day of the retreat. Specifics will be sent to you upon your confirmation of booking.  
For both safety and enjoyment, there is a level of fitness required to attend both our larger 5+ hour hikes and even some of our activities. A training plan will be provided to our guests upon booking. Though if you are concerned, contact us.
You can enjoy the complete experience without needing to run. As our official hikes on the itinerary, are hiking only. However there will be options available on certain mornings to attend an early running or walking group before breakfast. 
We want to emphasise experience over exercise. So outside of the physical demands of the hikes, optional runs and activities, we don’t have any official training included. 
We certainly do, but there is a minimum level of fitness that we encourage. We will send out a comprehensive training plan to build your hiking fitness, including both endurance and strengthening protocols. 
We have access to fresh produce and make everything from our kitchen. So we are more than up to the task to provide options for those with allergies and/or preferences. 
We have three main meals each full day, plus snacks will be made available within your accommodation. Majority of these meals will be supplied by our chef and within accommodation. However, those times when we’re out and about we will have you covered. 
To mitigate risk, all guests will be driven to and from all activities that we facilitate on the retreat. Outside of the itinerary, you may want a vehicle if you plan to drive far and wide during any point of the retreat. However, personal transport isnt necessary. Town centre is a short and scenic walk away. 
18 years old is our minimum age required and in terms of those who are a little wiser, it really comes down to health and fitness, due to some of the physically demanding activities. If you have concerns, contact us. 
You certainly can. Especially if you’re staying in the same room. At minimum you’ll need to place the deposit for each of you and provide general details of the person whom you’re booking for.

Your feedback is always welcomed and if you have any other questions, please contact us below!