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Adventure365 has been the most incredible experience to challenge your physical and mental wellbeing!! This retreat offers a range of experiences for everyone who wants to fill there cup. The Adventure365 retreats are truly unique with a crew of passionate people who aim to always exceed your expectations day by day with just the right balance. The people, locations, accommodation, mouthwatering food and experiences offered by the crew are beyond words, and are all included so you can so you can focus on immersing yourself truly in the experience! While you will walk away only leaving footprints on your retreat you will depart with many lifelong memories! I can't wait to attend another retreat!! So what the hell are you waiting for.. Book now!
Colin burns
My Adventure365 experience was phenomenal. I have been on a few retreats before with similar elements, but the A365 team take a wholistic approach to connection and wellbeing that I haven't seen anywhere else. There was a vast mixture of activities, from adventurous (hiking, luging, via ferrata), to educational (neuroscientist session), to those that helped our wellbeing (breathwork, cold exposure, yoga...wine tour(?)). There were also moments that weren't planned, but made our group feel like a family, like the nightly dinners, fire-side chats and rock throwing competitions. Besides the experiences, the A365 is top notch. Each member was focussed on providing the best service to each guest and created a fun and, when needed, safe environment. They are all also great humans that are genuine and full of life. The food was fantastic, the accommodation was clean and in a perfect location with wonderful views, and every part of the retreat was taken care of. All you have to do is show up and the team will take care of giving you an incredible week!
Marnie Cahill
Cannot recommend Adventure 365 highly enough! A fantastic retreat, balanced with the perfect blend of hiking and outdoor activities along with insightful workshops and opportunities. The team are second to none, so you can feel assured you'll be supported, even if it's your first go at hiking. Stunning accommodation spots, with everything covered (from beautiful meals, to photos/media to capture each day) so you can really focus on immersing yourself in the experience! Can't wait to join again 🙂
Emma Slade
By far the best retreat I’ve ever experienced. The Adventure 365 team has not only planned well all the activities, but also prioritized the safety of the participants. If you are looking for fun filled activites with some chill times in between, this is the best retreat for you.
Lovelane Castro
100% the most fun, soul enriching week ever. Had a blast, whether it be enjoying the activities, taking in the amazing location on hikes or just soaking up the amazing vibe from the group, one thousand percent would recommend to anyone to get on one of these 365 trips asap
Kylie Salter
Pap and his crew have put together a truly special and unique experience. An incredible mix of breathtaking treks, and activities, that coupled with amazing new friends lead to some deep self-exploration and discovery. And the bonus is that it’s in Oueenstown!
John Kruckenberg
Just finished up on the retreat and can hand on heart say that it was the best adventure I’ve ever been on. From the beautiful people, new experiences, delicious food, and unbelievable scenery, every day just got better and better. Forever grateful for the people I experienced this with and for the wonderful staff that work so hard to ensure a perfect time was had by all. I am returning home with a very full heart. If you’re thinking of booking, my suggestion would be not to think; get in there and do it! HOW GOOD.
Carlee Marie
Just got back from the Feb retreat and I couldn't stop looking at the photos and videos captured from the trip while reminiscing about the adventures and experiences shared with some of the most inspiring human beings in my life. The accommodation, the scenery, the food, the activities, not to mention the Adventure 365 team is an absolute champion! Without them I wouldn't have been able to submit Ben Lomond and Roy's Peak and these guys went above and beyond to help me with the biggest smile on their face. It was a trip to remember for life and I would definitely sign up for another retreat again 🤩😊
Michele Sim
Adventure 365 was such an amazing experience! My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there, and it was our first time to the South Island. We couldn't have planned a better trip. An excellent mix of relaxation, mindfulness, and adrenaline with an awesome group of like-minded people. Andrew Pap, Matt Murphy, and the support crew are next-level good humans who deliver above expectations. Highly recommended experience 👌
Kane Hennessey