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Get ready to embark on an 8 day adventure that will ignite your passion for the great outdoors and deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, we’ve got you covered. Our retreat offers a perfect balance of group activities and free time to cater to your unique needs.


Explore mountain peaks, climb up waterfalls, race down the luging track and jet boat around Lake Wakatipu’s pristine waters.


Be guided through a multitude of rejuvenating practices including breath meditation, a movement class, cold water immersion, a webinar about the human mind and a mindfulness workshop.


Our food is equally nutritious and delicious! With all meals prepared on site and served together as a group. We will also treat you to some of our favourite local restaurants, wineries and bars!


Each day will have a focus to help set your intentions and begin the journey of reestablishing true connection to yourself, those around you and the world you live in.

our retreats include

All transfers to and from the airport and/or town centre.

7 nights accommodation

We provide all meals, hiking snacks, alcohol across the retreat, several restaurant meals and more!




30th December
- 7th January

Sold out 20/20

- 2nd March

Limited spots left

More Info Soon


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Your home away from home…​

Explore New Zealand

The capital of adrenaline and relaxation.


A life changing experience.​

Our definition of 'holiday' is to leave better than when you arrived

we value experience above all else


All fitness levels welcome

Though best to be prepared with our included 8 week program


Think open fire place with a glass of wine, outdoor spa’s and incredible views.

Sunrise Hikes

They say it’s the journey not the destination. In this case… it’s both


Private Chef

All our food is prepared on site and is both nutritions and delicious. Big highlight of the retreat.

No individual is greater than the team

Meet the team

An immense amount of consideration was given when forming our Adventure 365 team. Requiring all team members to excel not only in their roles but more importantly underpin our company values and ethos.

Andrew papadopoulos

Founder, Coach

Matt Murphy

Trainer, Coach

Ashley Swallow


Manuel Freudenmann

Content Creator

Justin Broughton

Content Creator

Fraser Beck

Yoga, Breath Work
living is knowing that it doesn't last forever

Explore With Us

*limited spots available 

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Team member

Andrew papadopoulos

Why did you start Adventure 365?

“Give someone a fish, they’ll be hungry tomorrow, teach someone how to fish, they’ll be fed for life” 

This retreat draws on many aspects of my life that I’ve endured, experienced and loved. Giving scope to a culmination of elements that provide our guests various avenues to leave feeling empowered. Taking home with them practical tools, perspectives and experience to help improve their lives on all fronts. 

What are you looking forward to the most?

Though the list is long. I can’t wait to experience the epic hikes together. Particularly for those who haven’t done much hiking or have hiked in New Zealand. It’s going to be really special. 

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Team member


Why do you work with Adventure 365?

The team, the place, the purpose 100% resonates with me.

How does your role impact our guests' experience?

I believe my passion for adventure, experience in the mountains & love for New Zealand will be contagious. We definitely will be making the most of every second when we’re over there. 

What are you looking forward to the most?

It’s really hard to pinpoint one aspect. I am looking forward to stepping off the plane at Queenstown airport and seeing the huge mountain ranges and breathing the fresh NZ air into my lungs! 
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Team member

Ashley Swallow

Why do you work with Adventure 365?

It aligns with my passions: cooking, traveling, being outdoors, hiking, meeting like minded people, connection and mindfulness. I believe you should love the work you do, surround yourself with the best possible team and to me this is Adventure 365.

How does your role impact our guests' experience?

What you eat in a day has a massive impact on how you feel, so my goal is to fill you with delicious food that keeps you energised (and not hangry!) 
I love to chat about all things cooking/food and hope to create an experience every time you eat. I ultimately want you to leave the retreat feeling inspired and to have enjoyed every meal/chat around the kitchen bench or table. 

What are you looking forward to the most?

It makes me so happy to be traveling to a new place, meeting new people and being able to not only share my passion for cooking but have everyone enjoy those meals together. 

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Team member

Manuel Freudenmann

Why do you work with Adventure 365?

Because adventure 365 has an approach to life that I completely aligned too. From adventures, hikes, health, exploration, mental growth and connection. The team at adventure 365 is such a unique and talented group, inspiring each other to push ourselves that little bit further.

How does your role impact our guests' experience?

Sharing memories! I get to provide them memories and captured memories (the hard, the easy, the funny, the everything in between). I am part of the community and group… not just an outsider. I join you on every adventure. So, you never feel like something will be missed if you don’t have your phone ready.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I look forward to sharing this humbling adventure with the guests. To capture them in their beautiful, raw and inspiring moments! Hiking to the top of a mountain, breaking mental barriers, sharing moments with other guests. I’m honoured to take photo and film of this and share it with our guests. 

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Team member


Why do you work with Adventure 365?

I work with Adventure 365 because I feel as though I align with the brand’s identity and goals for creating unique and rewarding experiences for their participants.
I love traveling, meeting new people, creating new memories and capturing stories.

How does your role impact our guests' experience?

My role impacts the guest experience by being a fellow adventurer, someone else to share the highs and lows of the days with as well as helping out wherever I can and
being another point of contact for anything that a guest may need assistance with. Above all, I’m excited to capture moments that guests can relive. Let’s go!

What are you looking forward to the most?

I most look forward to meeting new people, experiencing new places and getting to capture the magic.
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Team member

Fraser Beck

Why did you join the team?

The opportunity to create positive experiences that lead to personal transformation and long-lasting behaviour change is really what inspired me to work with Andrew and all of the team at Adv365. Andrew, Matty and the rest of the team at Adventure 365 also do an amazing job of creating a team dynamic that is fun and professional in nature whilst also feeling like a strong family unit. Arohanui (much love)!

What are you looking forward to the most?

My role as a yoga teacher and breathwork guide means that I create spaces that help guests calm the fluctuations of their minds and begin the self-inquiry that is often needed for personal growth.

Whether guests have come on retreat with a focus on healing and transformation, or simply to relax and have fun, they are often surprised by the power of the practices and are left with an ability to connect with their innate wisdom.

How does your role impact our guests' experience?

Researching the science of breathing in relation to every dimension of health and wellbeing has been a constant for me over the last decade. I always look forward to the opportunity to plant seeds in the minds of guests that cultivate more awareness and understanding of this fascinating and often underestimated topic.

And of course, I look forward to every time the ADV365 team assembles. We always know something exciting is going to happen when we get together and we are working our way to be a global leader in the wellbeing retreat space.

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