No matter the location, our retreat formula guarantees the perfect blend of adventure, thrill and connection.

We love to explore the local landscapes, empower ourselves with workshops and provide an itinerary tempo that gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of each day.

Whether you’re coming as a solo traveller, as a couple or a group of friends, you’ll leave with a group of likeminded friends.

Our definition of 'holiday' is to leave better than when you arrived

Where it all starts

Get ready to embark on an 8 day adventure that will ignite your passion for the great outdoors and deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you. Our retreat offers a perfect balance of group activities and free time to cater to your unique needs.


Explore mountain peaks, climb up waterfalls, race down the luging track and jet boat around Lake Wakatipu’s pristine waters.


Be guided through a multitude of rejuvenating practices including breath meditation, a movement class, cold water immersion, a webinar about the human mind and a mindfulness workshop.


Our food is equally nutritious and delicious! With all meals prepared on site and served together as a group. We will also treat you to some of our favourite local restaurants, wineries and bars!


Each day will have a focus to help set your intentions and begin the journey of reestablishing true connection to yourself, those around you and the world you live in.

living is knowing that it doesn't last forever

JoIN us on a retreat

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Incredibly excited to take our powerful adventure 365 formula to another stunning location with 22 guests and 6 staff! It will be our largest group, with 15 repeat guests who want to do it all over again! 

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Holidays are typically synonymous with sleep ins and lying by the pool. Not on our watch! 😂 One thing our guests quickly learn is that you don’t remember how tired you were when you’re at the top of the mountain. #Hiking #Mountains #Sunrise
Moving swiftly behind the scenes to secure some incredible locations for our community! Be sure to keep a close eye on this account for the announcement of 5 new retreats next year!!

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Something special about hiking a mountain at sunrise with a group of incredible people 🤍 ⛰️ 

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Does your holiday include submerging yourself into an icy lake before sunrise?
Just got back from the Feb retreat and I couldn't stop looking at the photos and videos captured from the trip while reminiscing about the adventures and experiences shared with some of the most inspiring human beings in my life. The accommodation, the scenery, the food, the activities, not to mention the Adventure 365 team is an absolute champion! Without them I wouldn't have been able to submit Ben Lomond and Roy's Peak and these guys went above and beyond to help me with the biggest smile on their face. It was a trip to remember for life and I would definitely sign up for another retreat again 🤩😊
Michele Sim
Adventure 365 was such an amazing experience! My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there, and it was our first time to the South Island. We couldn't have planned a better trip. An excellent mix of relaxation, mindfulness, and adrenaline with an awesome group of like-minded people. Andrew Pap, Matt Murphy, and the support crew are next-level good humans who deliver above expectations. Highly recommended experience 👌
Kane Hennessey
Just finished up on the retreat and can hand on heart say that it was the best adventure I’ve ever been on. From the beautiful people, new experiences, delicious food, and unbelievable scenery, every day just got better and better. Forever grateful for the people I experienced this with and for the wonderful staff that work so hard to ensure a perfect time was had by all. I am returning home with a very full heart. If you’re thinking of booking, my suggestion would be not to think; get in there and do it! HOW GOOD.
Carlee Marie